Once upon a time, I discovered that everything I had been told about what it meant to eat healthy was a lie.

Okay, not everything, because fruit and vegetables were good for me--I knew that. But I didn't know that butter was, too. Or red meat. Or raw milk. Or... or... or...

That was then

Not long after I started on the journey of learning about how traditionally-healthy societies managed to be so without all the benefits of modern science telling them what they should or shouldn't eat (newsflash: it wasn't because they had enough Flintstone vitamins in their diet), I started blogging. And sharing my new discoveries with the world. And also posting recipes.

And this is, well, you know...

I have incorporated many changes into how our family eats over the years, and now do about 95% of my cooking "from scratch." That means I start with fresh ingredients, often ones that I grew myself (and harvested myself, and sometimes butchered myself). That's a lot of cooking when you have a family of six. And that is a lot of opportunity for new recipes--which I love to share with you!

For future reference

You can browse through my recipe section for easy access to all the recipes on my blog or see the three fabulous (and only issues) of my healthy eating newsletter below.

Be sure to look for the "Scratch Fast" and "Kid-Friendly" recipes if you are a busy cook, like me! The "Recommended Reading" page is an index of articles I wrote about ways to be healthier in the past.

Be well!

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