Welcome, Fibre Friend!

If you are a brand new knitter, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of fibre artistry available through this delightful craft! Knitting is both very simple and infinitely challenging, which is a wonderful combination, able to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

With this tutorial, you will learn the basic steps of knitting, which boil down to two very simple stitches—knit and purl. All other knitting techniques are simply variations of these two stitches, so once you learn these, you will have a good start on your knitting journey.

Along with the basic stitches, there is also much to be learned about fibre properties, how to read a pattern, yarn weights, etc. This tutorial is meant to get you started without overwhelming you.

This tutorial can be used on its own, but it was designed as a learning aid to be used with the Building Blocks Cowl/Hood pattern. The cowl is a perfect project for absolute to advanced beginners, as it is written with instructions that take multiple skill levels into account. You can purchase the pattern here.

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Choosing Yarn

  2. Choosing Needles

  3. How Knitting Works

  4. Casting On

  5. Holding Your Yarn, or Throwing Vs. Picking

  6. Making a Gauge Swatch

  7. Knitting in Continental Style

  8. Knitting in American/English Style

  9. Purling in Continental Style

  10. Purling in American/English Style

  11. Changing Skeins

  12. Binding Off

  13. Reading Patterns

  14. A Beautiful Finish

  15. Levelling Up

  16. The Knitting Community

  17. Knitting Resources

This entire tutorial is available as a Printable PDF download.


Learn to knit using this tutorial and the following pattern:

Building Blocks Cowl/Hood
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