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Queen of Persia: A New Musical

by Talena Winters/Candace Marshall


Queen of Persia tells the moving story of Esther, a young Hebrew girl in a foreign land whose life seemed to be at the mercy of those more powerful than herself--and how she found the strength to change the fate of a nation. It is a powerful testimony to how miracles happen when we choose to act.

This is a full-length musical based on the biblical story of Esther. The songs are a mix of styles, lengths, and genres, with opportunities for dance numbers.

While the work itself is in a nearly-completed state, we are still looking for opportunities to develop it with an experienced director and theatre company. Please contact me if you are interested.

Partial Synopsis:

Esther, a young Hebrew, is adopted by her uncle Mordecai after her parents' sudden deaths. While many Jews have returned to Jerusalem to rebuild their country, Mordecai is one of the many who chose to remain behind in the Persian capital of Susa. Esther grows up learning how to blend in while honouring her heritage (Hide in Plain Sight/You Are Not Alone).

Xerxes is a volatile king whose passions rule him. After being hammered by Greece (remember the 300 soldiers of Leonidas? After taking a whipping for five more years, Xerxes returned to Susa with his tail between his legs), his advisors realize they have to cheer up their fearless leader for the sake of EVERYONE ELSE. (Great Idea!)

Esther is taken to Xerxes' harem as one of hundreds of beautiful girls meant to distract the king, whether she likes it or not. While she mourns for the loss of her previous life, she also wonders what God's plan for her could be. (Where I'm Meant to Be)

Meanwhile, the wily Haman, whose ancestral blood feud with the Jews goes back to the days of King Saul, has weaseled into Xerxes' favour. With the help of his wife Zeresh, he has tricked Xerxes into signing into law the extinction of the Jewish people--and Persian law can never be revoked. (Knockout)

Will one girl be strong enough to love a king, and brave enough to defy him to save her people?

"It could be you were brought here for such a time as this..." (Such a Time as This)

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